How to do Parsvottanasana?

1. Stand in tadasana.
2.Step right foot forward (about 3 feet).
3.Right foot is facing forward.
4.Turn left foot out 45 degrees to the right
for stability.
5. Come forward bending at the hip. Bring
hands to floor or block if needed.

(Practice it 8-10 times)

Benefits of doing Parsvottanasana:

1. Stretches the hips and hamstrings
2. Lengthens the spine.
3. Relaxes the shoulders and neck.
4. Stimulates digestive organs
5. Improves sense of balance
6. Calms the mind


Do not practice any Asana OR Pranayama in which you don’t feel comfortable.
Do not over do the exercises if you feel pain in your body.
Start exercises mildly and then increase the repetitions as per your capacity.
People suffering from Back pain, Slip disc OR chronic disease should only practice
Yoga and other exercises under the expert supervision otherwise do not do it.

Pregnant women should only practice Yoga under the supervision of an expert otherwise do not practice any exercise by watching videos or website material.

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