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About us – Shivanand Yoga is yoga classes which are located in the heart of Mumbai. Our classes motive is to give the best results to all our customers and teachers. Yoga is a way which can find yourself better about who you are. Only you can become the globes leading expert of your life. But first, you should know how to observe yourself. Shivanand yoga is a supportive environment where people can gather and share in the spirit of learning, self-discovery, and continued growth.

Smart Yoga

Eight founding teachers have built this class to give proper teaching to all the students and teachers.
These eight founding teachers are committed to teaching a sustainable yoga practice that integrates and enriches the body, soul, and mind.

At Shivanand Yoga you learn to get the best yoga education. Our teachers are advanced and love to share their knowledge with you. All of our teachers are certified. Shivanand yoga offers several different batches, these batches are from morning to till the evening. Any student can choose any batch according to his/her comfort.

Shivanand yoga gives  10% OFF to all new students.

We have created lots of offers to engage more students. We have an innovative community membership model to help enhance overall wellness and healthy living. Our goal is to create cheap and affordable fees for each and every students who are really willing to learn from us. We belives everyone grows by supporting one another.

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Register online or call us on the given number to get more details of our course.

What our student says

We all love Shivanand yoga and we love to practice!  It’s perfect. That means that our yoga spaces are truly inclusive of everyone. We learn to take a look at ourselves and reconsider how we approach the practice, the use of Sanskrit. This is the best yoga classes I have ever join.

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